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Succi Hug
Cellphone App



App Design
Digital Design



Succulents are a particularly large plant species, with many hybrids in addition
to the original varieties. This makes it harder for succulent lovers to distinguish between varieties. The color, leaf shape and plant morphology of succulents are also affected by light, water, temperature and soil. Correctly identifying the types
of succulents can help us manage and care for our succulents more effectively. Succi Hug is an app designed for succi lovers.


Succi Hug is a Cellphone App.  Its main functions include identifying and introducing varieties and communicating with succulent lovers near you. I choose to use a set of softer colors to make this app look more friendly; adding some pink and yellow can create more variation and bring an energetic feeling to this app. I used Questa, which is a unique serif typeface in the modern style, and Questa Sans to harmonize with it.

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