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Nu Skin
Annual Report 





The annual report is an essential document for each company to make a yearly summary. The primary readers of this report are the company’s employees, managers, shareholders, and investors. Therefore, it is inevitable that a large amount of data will appear in the annual report. But many companies don’t invest the resources to design and format their annual reports well, making them tedious and difficult to read. Therefore, in this project, I chose a company’s annual report and redesigned it.


NuSkin 2017 Annual Report is the one I chose to redesign. Since annual reports are hardly perceived as enjoyable reading material, the goal is to establish cohesive visual language in typography, charts, and graphics. In terms of color selection, I use pink to highlight the texture of skin, and green to express the concept of environmental protection of this brand. I also redesigned the original charts following the visual system I created.

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