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Max Factor Rebrand



Brand Identity
Logo Design
Visual System


Makeup is one of the most critical topics surrounding females. Some people need it because it can help them present themselves and feel more confident. Max Factor is a historical brand that helped a lot of women gain their confidence in front of the camera. Max Factor grew rapidly during Hollywood’s Golden Age, but it has started to lose its force in today’s beauty market
in the US. I rebranded Max Factor through providing it a new visual direction and developed a new identity and visual system based on this direction. 


In order to expand the vision of Max Factor, the new Max Factor will not only focus on helping people to present their outer beauty in front of the camera, but also lead them to build their inner confidence. I use a serif typeface as the base to design the new logo and also use a serif as display type in the visual system. Because the major audience is female, I set my overall color tone as warmer, and use yellow as the dominate color to present confidence. 

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